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Do Straighter Teeth Really Help Keep Your Mouth Healthier?

Posted on 6/30/2019 by Henry Cuttler DDS
Do Straighter Teeth Really Help Keep Your Mouth Healthier?You may not have known that braces and aligners for teeth actually do more than cosmetically enhance the appearance of the mouth. Braces can do so much more for the person than just giving them a pretty smile, did you know that?

How Straighter Teeth Help Give a Healthier Smile

When you have straighter teeth, it is easier to get into those hard to reach areas. These areas might have been housing bacteria that are harmful to the mouth. This causes cavities to form in these areas and break down the teeth. They might end up with deep cavities because of the decay that is forming without you knowing it. By straightening the teeth, you can get in between them and clean them out.

When you have straight teeth, especially ones you have just had braces for, you're much more likely to take really good care of them. Since the oral hygiene routine for someone with braces is more intense than those who do not have braces, most patients take better care of their teeth after the braces come off, than those who never had braces.

When you have straight teeth, you are not embarrassed to smile or talk, which means you spend more time worrying about the quality of your smile and the condition of your mouth, verse those who do not have perfectly straight teeth. It all boils down to confidence, and straight teeth play a big role in this.

If you need a cleaning or exam, speak with us today to set up a time to come in and have one. We can provide you with the help that you need and answer all of your questions while addressing any concerns you may have. Together, we can find the best solution for you and your oral health.
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